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Ready! Set! Beta Fit!

Get & Stay In Optimal Shape!

If you are ready to Feel BETA! Let's make change happen for you now! Schedule your initial consultation and celebrate making the greatest decision of your life so far. Life Gets Beta!

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The Beta Fit Process

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Initial Consultation

At your initial consultation we will conduct a full medical screening to ensure you qualify for medication-assisted weight loss. 

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Beta Flush

The Beta Flush System was built to help you clean out your digestive tract to remove the build-up of toxins on the colon walls while replenishing nutrient balance with IV hydration and probiotics.

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Vitamin Injections

We offer high-grade injections like B-12, Lipo B, and Lipo C, to improve your energy levels and maximize weight loss.  

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Meet Blake

Mindful Fit Is a program I can vouch for. I lost over 70 pounds to date. And two days ago I weighed in under 200 pounds and got stamped for Onederland. I can't lie. I feel the best I have ever felt. My plan included weekly IV hydration for the first month. Then biweekly treatments for the proceeding 5 months. I did everything Flo told me to do and it worked. I just want to say that I am grateful. Thanks, Sunshine.

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