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Privacy Policy

We care about your privacy. Beta Health Weight Management Center & Medispa uses the information you provide on our  or by accessing our website, in the following ways:

Accessing Our Site: when you access our website your device's IP address is stored in our website provider's cloud in order to track your engagement with us and identify you when you return to our website. 

Creating An Account: When you create an account on our website or through any third-party software we use, your information is retained in the respective cloud/server to provide access for us to document and add information relative to your relationship with us and to streamline and create access to your information by you through logging into your member profile. We do not sell your information to third parties or agree to allow third parties to access your information for the purposes of advertising, or monetizing your information. In the event our practice changes we will notify you prior to the change. 

Using Our Booking Features: When you book an appointment through our website or in our office your personal information is entered into a secure system in order to effectively manage the flow of staff, track sales, and provide a smooth and efficient workflow and experience for you and our staff. 

Marketing: By using our website or securing our services you agree to receive marketing material in the form of advertisements or promotions via email, text, and phone. To opt out, please send us an email at requesting to opt out or you  can optout by clicking the optout button at the bottom of an email advertisment from our company. 

Cookies: Our website uses cookies to track your interaction wth us via the web. Only when you access our website does our system save a cookie on your browser to say that ypu have been to our site before. Furthermore, when you perform certain actions on our site like submit a form, create an account, book an appointment, our system gathers information about the pages and information you access to provide a better user experience and help us understand how to best serve you. 

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