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Jump Start your weight loss journey with the Beta Flush System!


Losing weight has a science to it. When you properly cleanse your digestive track, you help your body to create an environment where nutrients are easily absorbed on a cellular level.


Beta Flush cleanses your digestive track using all natural products.


Step 1: Take 1-2 a Tropical Prunes for a thorough digestive cleanse on day 1.


Step 2: Drink 2 Servings of Beta Flush Cleanse Beverages for 6 days (Days 2-7).  The Teas will pull toxins from fatty tissues and help to safely eliminate the toxins from your system via your digestive track.


Step 3: Probiotic- a dose of probiotics to help restore a positive internal terrain. Day 7


Step 4: Get An IV hydration: infuse your cells with nutrients to help expedite the repair of cellular damage caused by prolonged obesity and nutrient deficiency. Day 7


When ordering your cleanse please be sure to select the correct options. 


For relief from chronic constipation take 2 servings twice a day 30 minutes prior to meals. 


For an IV Hydration you will need to come into the Owings Mills Office. If you opt for the Flush system without the cleanse you will not be charged for the IV hydration. IV hydrations cannot be shipped unless sent to another provider in your area! Please call before purchase if you require shipment to a provider.

Beta Flush

Price Options
One-time purchase
Quarterly Cleanse
$220.00every 3 months until canceled
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